Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kali terakhir

Waktu lebih kurang begini 2 tahun lepas, kami berenam menunggu van jenazah untuk membawa Mak ke Tanah Perkuburan Kajang dari Hospital Selayang.  Mak disahkan meninggal dunia kerana Acute Pulmonary Embolism selepas 10 hari pembedahan. 

Lewat malam itu...

Suapan pada Mak untuk kali terakhir
Mengelap badan Mak kali terakhir
Panggilan telefon Mak kepada Dik As yang terakhir
Senyuman Mak ukir kali terakhir
Renungan Mak kali terakhir
Panas tangan Mak menggenggam buat kali terakhir
Pelukan Mak kali terakhir
Semua masih segar dalam ingatan

Awal pagi itu...

Kami sentuh tubuh kaku Mak
Kami belai parut badan Mak tanda melahirkan kami
Kami gosok lembut kulit Mak mempersiapkan Mak mengadap Ilahi
Kami tatap raut wajah Mak lembut
1001 kisah membesarkan kami
Gigihnya Mak dan kami saksi
Kami seka air mata
Kami doa dalam hati agar Mak tenang di sana

Apa lagi yang kami dapat lakukan selain Al-fatihah dan doa mengiringi hari-hari kami selepas ini...
Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada Allahyarham Hatimah Abd Gani 30 Dec 1954 - 6 Feb 2012.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'I Love Makeup' Party!

Another entry before I doze off.

As a certified makeup artist, my passion will always evolves around making women look enhanced using simple application of makeup.  Not too heavy as less is MORE!

Come & join my 'I Love Makeup' Party this coming 23rd Feb in Putrajaya for more tips on how to apply your daily 10-minute makeup routine.  As I would love to focus & give my utmost attention to participant along with the DIY concept, the party is limited to only few pax...and the best of all, it's FREE.

Open for registration NOW!!! *wink

Leadership Conference 2014 in The Andaman, Langkawi's been almost four years until I finally managed to make myself 'available' to update the blog.

Let's start with something short & simple.  I was in Langkawi for Mary Kay Leadership Conference 2014 in The Andaman, Langkawi.  My second time and Feb marks my second anniversary as a Sales Director.

More to write and shall be talking about it soon :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

a bit here and there

The long medical leave will be ended soon. So much to tell yet so little time to write.

Story 1

Jimi’s dad was diagnosed with damaged kidney last 2 weeks. Due to that he has to be on permanent dialysis for the rest of his life. I am a huge fan of statistic, data & fact, and pardon me when I say I am skeptical when it comes to alternative medication to cure the damaged kidney especially when someone told me that it can be cured by simply transferring the ‘disease’ to any other living creature i.e. a goat. Isn't that goat a living creature that we are summon not to abuse by God?

If we are talking about something that even medical personnel couldn’t explain, I seriously believe that we have to seek for alternative, but this…hmmmm I think I rest my case pending the other party proves me otherwise.

Story 2

I went to Plaza Low Yat to pick up my faulty SD card. It was left there since the last 2 weeks because of somebody in that shop told me it could only be repaired by one of the shops upstairs which had been closed by the time we reached there.

I didn’t come 3 days after as promised; instead I gave them some time and came only last Friday. Two sales boys tried to explain on why it was not ready - it was returned back, had to send it back to HQ bla bla and bla.

For me, the explanation couldn’t be accepted since I had given them ample time to get it done. They sit on it doing nothing and that made me upset. I fought for my right demanding for a new SD card as replacement without realizing that their manager was silently listened to every single word I said. The sales boy kept on forcing me to wait for it to be repaired until the conversation was cut off by the manager saying that I was right.

There my new SD card for replacement but I had forgotten to ask for the same brand, only realized it later and wanted to turn back but was stopped by Jimi.

His choice of words - “Don’t be greedy, you’ve got what you came for. This worth RM138 and you couldn’t ask for more! It’s probably more expensive than the earlier card.”

Me, wanted to say “that’s my right” kept my mouth shut and followed him to the car…

Story 3

Some people are being so childish. I didn’t say that I am all good when it comes to work. But in managing project, there always some fighting going on to get things right, some dissatisfaction on the decision made, some query to be explained, some info to be clarified, all in the name of work and professionalism, and most of us never take it personally.

But some people take it very hard, taking ‘question asked’ as ‘condemning their decision’, taking ‘info to be clarified’ as ‘back stabbing’ and so forth.

We are not young anymore to be like kids, if I was wrong I would apologise, but refuse to if otherwise…

Story 4

My online shopping obsession continues, now it’s for tudung. I bought two online and another one is thru Ida Se. Can’t wait to try it on as it’s going to be a new image of me wearing the so-called famous Ariani style.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Headband oh headband

Lately, I have this new obsession. The fact that I cannot be anywhere else for these few weeks has somehow increased my eagerness to do something different from things I used to do…I am crazy about buying things online…I have bought this for a start...

...and this cute Adeena is wearing it...

Where to buy? Check it here. I saw Sarah (of Milin's) wearing it so I couldn't help myself to get it for Adeena and Zaheen.

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